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The Manna Tribe Donations Link

Donations Link

The Manna Tribe donations link allows your tribe members to make a once-off or recurring donation to you, on the spot. Anywhere. Anytime.

You will receive your own unique QR code, which your tribe members can scan using any standard QR code reader on their mobile phone and your own unique web link that takes members to your payment gateway.

Print the QR code on your brochures, display it on your premises or on your website, or stick it to the back of your seats – anywhere that you want your tribe members to have access to it. It is as easy as that!
Your tribe members can choose between several payment types including:
- Auto EFT
- Debit or credit card
- Debit order

They can make a once-off payment or set-up a recurring payment.

All of this on the spot, electronically and anywhere that their mobile phones have a signal.

In fact, you can scan the QR code in the image and make a donation to us if you want to test it.

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