Our Business Partners

Access Payment Systems

We provide electronic payment solutions and risk assessment tools to lower the risk of who you choose to do business with. This includes credit card and ACH processing, automated payments, real-time bank verification, identity verification for OFAC and KYC compliance, background check tools for individuals and corporations and check cashing solutions.

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In The Tribe

Your Free Online Command Center

Build your tribe, manage your online activities, get your personal brand to rank in search engines, list your products, events and publish your content.

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Karis Properties

Being forward-thinking and committed leaders in Real Estate, we would love to provide you with an enhanced experience. Whether you are buying, selling or looking to rent, we assure you of our best attention at all times. We have a wide selection of property and operating in the greater Pretoria, Centurion, Kempton Park, Randburg, Nelspruit & Knysna.

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Cosmic Coders

You’re a rockstar in what you do. But let’s face it, when it comes to design most companies are tone-deaf. Focus on what you do well and we’ll handle your digital needs.


Cyber Horizons

When the right molecules come together to form a cell, something magical happens, something we call life. When enough of them come together, it creates people who can feel and reason and believe. People who can imagine and do things their molecules could never comprehend.

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AC Industries

AC Industries specializes in the manufacture of components in a wide range of disciplines. Mechanical, chemical engineering and the plastic and medical industries are covered. We pride ourselves in our technical ability and infrastructure to support all aspects of product research and development through to full-scale production within the disciplines we represent. Our expertise is invaluable for the design of custom-built machine parts or new product development machining support.

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Customers want convenience and choice. With AddPay your clients can easily make payments through a variety of methods, from credit cards, online EFT and also QR codes. We provide you with the latest security software to make e-commerce a great experience for you and for your customers.

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Mainspring Technology

We are a young and vibrant team that looks for opportunities to work with the latest in technology and use that technology to help build up others. Even though technology is everywhere, it is not always used very well. As such we look for opportunities to utilize it best where it truly benefits the business and the customer.

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We build triple-p sustainable solutions
We provide sustainable solutions to challenges facing farmers, big industry, government, and responsible green-citizens

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One Way

We serve as a conduit through which international sustainability-focused companies can operate in South Africa.

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Rebelpay is an on-demand, bank and country agnostic, automated EFT payment system that processes payments in under 30 seconds. Seamlessly integrating with your existing platform, it provides a risk-free and tech-savvy solution enabling your business to process the next generation of payments.

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